The ICOB Laboratory Animal Facility (LAF) was re-constructed in 2005 according to the guidelines for laboratory animal care and use, and has been open for operation since 2006. The new LAF covers approximately 100 ping (330 m2) of floor space on the west side of the 6th floor. Temperature (22-24℃), humidity (50-70%), and light/dark cycle (8:00AM - 8:00PM light) are controlled to meet international standards for care and housing of laboratory mice. Furthermore, the space is periodically disinfected with a (HOCl) fog spreading system to decrease odors and the possibility of pathogen contamination.

The LAF is separated into three zones, corresponding to different purposes: (1) quarantine station (2) minimal barrier with limited criteria for health checks; includes two husbandry rooms and one laboratory, and (3) maximal barrier animal zone, maintained following full specific pathogen-free (SPF) standards; includes six laboratory mouse rooms and one laboratory.


Our missions are as follows: (1) maintain high quality operation of laboratory animal facilities, (2) provide high quality animal care, (3) provide health monitoring and disease diagnosis for laboratory animals, (4) provide information related to laboratory animals, (5) provide training courses to ensure humane and appropriate use of animals for experimental purposes, and (6) develop and refine techniques to be used in animal experiments.



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