The Core Facility at the Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology (ICOB), was established in 2003, and is overseen by the ICOB Instrument and Information Management Committee. The facility is operated by highly experienced staff, including three specialists and five assistants. In order to provide efficient technical consultation, unique expertise and reliable research services to ICOB investigators, the Core Facility is divided into the Biochemistry and Imaging Cores.
The Biochemistry Core houses many advanced and sophisticated instruments to provide three major services to our researchers.

  • The Peptide Synthesis Lab is equipped with a Liberty Blue microwave-assisted peptide synthesizer, MALDI-TOF MS, Waters 600E HPLC and Acquity H-Class UPLC. Custom peptide synthesis and modifications, such as methylation, amidation, acetylation, phosphorylation, cyclization, biotinylation and fluorochrome labeling are all available in our lab.
  • The Flow Cytometry Lab houses one Attune® NxT Acoustic Focusing Cytometer and one BD FACS Canto II with autoloader for analyses of cell surface markers, apoptosis and cell cycle, among others.
  • The Common Equipment Lab is furnished with multiple essential instruments for molecular and biochemical analyses, including three Roche LightCycler 480, two UVP BioSpectrum 600 and one Odyssey Infrared Imaging System, PerkinElmer EnSpire and Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5multimode plate reader, centrifuges, ultracentrifuges, etc.



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