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Hwei-Jan Hsu|Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica

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  • Hwei-Jan Hsu
    Research Fellow
    • SpecialtyDevelopmental Biology, Stem cell Biology
    • E-mailcohsu@gate.sinica.edu.tw
    • Tel02-2787-1541
    • Website Stem Cell Research Lab
    • LabR337/ICOB
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Research Fellow, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
Ph.D. Institute of Life Science, National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan
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Tissue homeostasis is maintained through tight multimodal regulation of stem cells and their supporting cells (the niche), which provide both physical contact and stemness factors to maintain stem cell identity. During development, the size of the niche must be correctly established in order to recruit a proper number of stem cells. Later, stem cell-intrinsic factors, niche-signals, and niche-stem cell anchorage cooperatively regulate and maintain stem cells. Intriguingly, stem cells adjust their behavior to fit the needs of the organism upon certain environmental and physiological cues. However, intense research into stem cell regulation by intrinsic and niche-derived factors has so far revealed very little about how stem cell niches are established and how stem cells respond to external stimuli. 

We use the Drosophila ovarian germline stem cells and intestinal stem cells to ingestigate: 1. How is the stem cell niche established? 2. How are stem cells maintained in the niche? 3. How do stem cells respond to diet and aging?



Selected PublicationOpenClose
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