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Chi-Yao Chang|Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica

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  • Chi-Yao Chang
    Vising Associate Professor
    • SpecialtyMolecular virology, Developmental Biology, Marine Biotechnology
    • E-mailcychang@gate.sinica.edu.tw
    • Tel02-2789-9570
    • Website Chi-Yao Chang'Lab
    • LabR336/ICOB
Professional ExperienceOpenClose
Associate Research Fellow of ICOB, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Associate Professor, Institute of Fisheries Science, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Associate Research Fellow of IZ, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Life Science, Fu-Jen Catholic University
Postdoctor, University of California, San Diego; University of Texa, San Antonio, USA
Ph.D. Institute of Life Science, National Tsing-Hwa University, Taiwan
Selected PublicationOpenClose
Tsai, C.T., Ting, J.W., Wu, M.H., Wu, M.F., Guo, I.C. and Chang, C.Y. (2005) Complete Genome Sequence of the Grouper Iridovirus and Comparison of Genomic Organization with Other Iridoviruses. Journal of Virology 79,2010-2023.
Cheng, C. A., John, J. A, C., Wu, M. S., Lee, C. Y., Lin, C. H., Lin, C. H. and Chang, C. Y. (2006) Characterization of Serum Immunoglobulin M of Grouper and cDNA Cloning of Its Heavy Chain. Veterinary Immunology and  Immunopathology 109, 255-265.
Lin, C.H., John, J.A.C., Lin, C.H. and Chang, C.Y.(2006). Inhibition of Nervous Necrosis Virus Propagation by Fish Mx Proteins. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 351, 534-539.
 Chen, W.Y., John, J.A.C., Lin, C.H. and Chang, C.Y.(2007) Expression pattern of metallothionein, MTF-1 nuclear translocation and its DNA-binding activity in zebrafish induced by zinc and cadmium. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 26, 110-117.
Tsai, C.T., Lin, C.H. and Chang, C.Y.(2007) Analysis of Codon Usage Bias and Base Compositional Constraints in Iridovirus Genomes. Virus Research 126, 196-206.
Lin, P.W., Huang, Y.J., John, J. A. C., Chang, Y.N., Yuan, C.H., Chen, W.Y., Yeh, C.H., Shen, S.T., Lin, F.P., Tsui, W.H. and Chang, C.Y.(2008) Iridovirus Bcl-2 protein inhibits apoptosis in the early stage of viral infection. Apoptosis 13(1), 165-176.
Yeh, C.H., Chen, Y.S., Wu, M.S., Chen, C.W., Yuan, C.H., Pan, K.W., Chang, Y.N., Chuang, N.N., Chang, C.Y. (2008) Differential display of grouper iridovirus-infected grouper cells by immunostaining. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 372, 674-680.