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Jen-Leih Wu|Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica

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Co-Chairman, National Science and Technology Program for Agricultural Biotechnology, NSC
Adviser-Life Science and Biotechnology, Ministry of Education, Taiwan
Executive Secretary, Central Advisory Committee, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Professor (Adjunct), National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Director、Deputy Director, Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Visiting Scholar at National Institute of Health; 1984, Johns Hopkin Univ.; 1985, Harvard Univ., USA
Ph.D. University of Arkansas, USA
Selected PublicationOpenClose
  1. Rekha, R.D., Amali, A.A., Her, G.M., Yeh, Y.H., Gong, H.Y., Hu, S.Y., Lin, G.H. and Wu, J.L.* (2008) Thioacetamide accelerate steatohepatitis, cirrhosis and HCC by expressing HCV core protein in transgenic zebrafish Danio rerio. Toxicology, 243 : 11 - 22.

  2. Lu, M.W., Chao, Y.M., Guo, T.C., Santi, N., Evensen, Ø., Kasani, S.K., Hong, J.R. and Wu, J.L.* (2008) The interferon response is involved in nervous necrosis virus acute and persistent infection in zebrafish infection model. Molecular Immunology, 45 : 1146 - 1152.

  3. Lin, C.J.F., Gong, H.Y., Tseng, H.C., Wang, W.L. and Wu, J.L.* (2008) miR-122 targets an anti-apoptotic gene, Bcl-w, in human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines. Biochemica l and Biophysical Research Communications, 375 : 315 - 320.

  4. Hu, S.Y., Lin, P.Y., Liao, C.H., Gong, H.Y., Lin, G.H., Kawakami, K. and Wu, J.L.* (2010) Nitroreductase-mediated gonadal dysgenesis for infertile control of genetically modified zebrafish. Marine Biotechnology, 12 : 569 - 578.

  5. Li, Y.H., Chen, H.C., Hu, S.Y., Li, Y.W., Lin, G.H., Lin, C.C., Gong, H.Y., Liu, W. and Wu, J.L.* (2010) Progranulin A-mediated MET signaling is essential for liver morphogenesis in zebrafish. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 : 41001 - 41009.

  6. Hu, S.Y., Liao, C.H., Lin, Y.P., Li, Y.H., Gong, H.Y., Lin, G.H., Kawakami, K., Yang, T.H. and Wu, J.L.* (2011) Zebrafish eggs used as bioreactors for the production of bioactive tilapia insulin-like growth factors.Transgenic Research, 20 : 73 - 83.

  7. Wang, W.L., Hong, J.R., Lin, G.H., Liu, W., Gong, H.Y., Lu, M.W., Lin, C.C. and  Wu, J.L.* (2011) Stage-Specific expression of TNFα regulates Bad/Bid mediated apoptosis and  RIP1/ROS-mediated secondary necrosis in birnavirus-infected fish cells. PLoS ONE, 6 : e16740.

  8. Wang, W.L., Liu, W., Gong, H.Y., Hong, J.R., Lin, C.C. and Wu, J.L.* (2011)  Activation of cytokines expression occurs through the TNFα/NF-κB-mediated pathway inbirnavirus infected cells. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 31 : 10 – 21.

  9. Hu, S.Y., Tai, C.C., Li, Y.H. and Wu, J.L.* (2012) Progranulin compensates for blocked IGF-1 signaling to promote myotube 3 hypertrophy in C2C12 myoblasts via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway. FEBS Letters, 586 : 3485 – 3492.

  10. Liu, W., Chen, J.R.,  Hsu, C.H.,  Li, Y.S.,  Chen, Y.M.,  Lin, C.Y.,  Huang, S.J.,  Chang, Z.K., Chen, Y.C.,  Lin, C.H.,  Gong, H.Y.,  Lin, C.C.,  Kawakami, K. and Wu, J.L.* (2012) A zebrafish model of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma by dual expression of hepatitis B virus X and hepatitis C virus core protein in liver. Hepatology, 56 : 2268 – 2278.